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Equipment Service

Keep your tools in top condition. Regular service helps to preserve your investment so you’re always ready for whatever happens.  It also extends the life of your equipment and will improve performance throughout the seasons. 

Contact us to schedule snowblower, lawnmower, lawn equipment, or power tool servicing.  Ask about pick up and delivery service on select equipment.

Power Tool Repair

Our trained technicians are available to repair electric, battery or gas-powered tools and equipment.   You can drop off the following power tools for service:

Air Compressors
Pneumatic Nailers
Pressure Washers
Chain Saws
String Trimmers
Reciprocating Saws
Leaf Blowers
Hedge Trimmers
Cordless Power Equipment

Chainsaw Repair Honey Brook Hardware
Mower Service in Honey Brook, PA

Mower Service and Tune-Ups

Yearly mower service and preventative maintenance is key to protecting the quality of your equipment for years to come. 

We offer tune-ups and service for push mowers, riding and zero-turn mowers.   Our checklist includes the following:

Clean Mower Deck
Wash Unit
Change Oil & Filter
Change Spark Plug
Clean Air Filter (change if needed)
Change Fuel Filter
Flush Fuel System
Sharpen And Balance Blades
Grease Zerts
Check Tire Pressure

Check Transmission Fluid
Check Deck Level
Charge and Test Battery
Check Steering
Check Engine RPM
Clean Out Debris under Engine Cover
Inspect Safety Features
Inspect Over-All Operations
Clean Engine & Transmission Fans
Inspect Pulleys, Linkages, Bearings, & Belts

Snowblower Service

Your gas-powered snow blower is a lifesaver during winter storms, and to keep it running in tip-top shape, we recommend an annual maintenance service.  We’ll give your snow blower a thorough inspection, so you aren’t stuck in the first winter storm of the season with a dry-rotted belt or a carburetor gummed up from stale gas.

Our Snow Blower Service Checklist:

Change Oil & Spark Plugs
Inspect Belts, Augur & Paddles
Inspect Shave Plate & Shear Pins 
Check Tire Pressure

Flip the Skid Shoes
Add fresh Gas with Stabilizer
Repairs (as needed)
Test Run for overall operation

Snowblower Service in Honey Brook, PA

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Sharpening & Cutting Services

Power Tool Service, Power Tool Repair in Honey Brook, PA
Chainsaw Sharpening
Garden Tool Sharpening in Honey Brook, PA
Garden Tool Sharpening
mower blade sharpening in Honey Brook, PA
Mower Blade Sharpening
Pipe Cutting Service Honey Brook, PA
Pipe Cutting
Chain Cutting Service Honey Brook, PA
Chain and Cable Cutting
Glass Cutting Service in Honey Brook, PA
Glass & Mirror Cutting